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S E C R E T by Psychosomatic-Psyche
Doesn't it look like she's got something to hide, a secret? :plotting: Looks that way to me, hence, the title. lol 
Anyway, this is a little something I photo-manipulated for practice; I haven't been doing any PS related deviations - or any sort of art really - for months. :sigh:

CREDITS! :below:

:bulletpink: :iconmirish: Ice Princess (Model...)

:bulletpink: :iconxmisslizx: Eyelash Brushes

:bulletpink: :iconashensorrow: Premade Background 117 (Background...)
Marked By You - Banner [Gif]
I made an animated/gif banner for my story. Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1]  You can read it here: Marked By You 


Soraya didn’t know Werewolves existed. She didn’t believe in the existence of any Supernatural beings. That was until the day she had ran away from home to attend a party, only to be kidnapped by a Werewolf. An Alpha Werewolf, called Dane.  He claimed that they were Mates. This was all very overwhelming for her.

Then there was Sebastian – a rival of Dane’s. From the first moment he saw her he knew that there was something different about her, she wasn’t just an ordinary human girl ... she was his Mate. He vowed to protect her and eventually, make her his.

Two Rival Alphas battle in the name of their love for Soraya.

Who will she chose?

Credits Go To; :below:

:bulletpink: :icono---girlinred---o: Reveur Bleu...13 (Model...)

:bulletpink: :iconthepantry: White Sheet 1 (Background...)
The tears fell as soon as Dane left the confines of his bedroom. Her cries were quiet and the only thing sounding in the room. She felt hurt, both physically and mentally. Her emotions were all over the place. She couldn’t understand why she had let him touch her, in ways that no man has ever done so.

With a disgusted groan, she grabbed the rumpled bed sheets, pulled it around herself and ran towards the bathroom door as it trailed behind her. She winced as she felt her bruised sides painfully pulled. Her whole body felt raw with pain as if her insides were made out of sandpaper.

After she entered into the bathroom and made sure to lock it, she looked around at the unfamiliar atmosphere. Everything was black, all accept for the ceiling. For some daft reason the ceiling was covered with several rectangular mirrors. She watched her reflection look down at her; her eyes full of resentment, rancour.

“Why me?” she asked herself, sliding down against the door. Her reflection only stared back down at her, upside down, and cried along with her. “Mum, what should I do?” she pleaded. “I’m so sorry for running away! I don’t want to stay here.” She squeezed her eyes shut and cried to herself, her words turning into mere mumbles.

His touch was scarring her mentally, physically and emotionally. The stamp on her left side of the neck was no longer tingling and it rather felt stiff, as if a piece of latex material was glued over her flesh. It now felt foreign.

Maybe, she thought, if I can get my hands on a sharp cutting knife I can slice through, that way I won’t be able to make me feel like I want him. The possibility of her going through with it was so strong that she began to question her sanity. Frowning at her shaking hands, she balled them up at her sides and fought the urge to scratch it off with her bare fingernails.

At that moment she remembered how she ran them along his back sharply and groaned in disgust. She had wanted him as much as did he. It was all because of the power he held over her; the power of his Mark. She was marked by him and was paying the consequences. The feeling of disgust created a whirlwind inside of her and she wanted to lash out, but didn’t know on what.

Dane was someone she wanted to stay away from for as long as possible. He didn’t deserve to see her cry like this and so she decided to stay in here for a while. The thought of maybe locking herself in here forever did occur, but she knew it would be futile. Dane could probably break off the lock with the single twist; he was after all the Alpha.

“I messed up, twisted piece of shit, Alpha. I hate him, I hate him, I hate him,” she seethed with her tears mixing in with the shower water. The hot water ran over her body that was now decorated with bruises and soreness, calming her muscles like butter and making her pain easier to put up with.

Taking a shaky breath, she pushed all thoughts of him away hatefully and climbed into the shower. She felt safe behind the boundaries of the black, waterproof curtain and let herself be immersed under the hot water completely. She tried to enjoy the friendly water, get clean and dressed. She didn’t get a chance to bring any other types of clothing. How could she? Dane was also her kidnapper.

“No way in hell, am I going to develop a fucking Stockholm syndrome crush on that bastard,” she said to no-one in particular in a wobbly voice. Then another realisation hit her – her parents. Where were they? Did they miss her? Of course she would, they were the world’s best parents. They would always treat her like a princess; they loved her as their only child.

The day before she had ran away from home because they wouldn’t let her go to late night parties, granted she was already nineteen, but they were strict in regarding late night partying. She was always allowed to attend parties as long as she would be back before ten in the evening, but that night she wanted to stay longer. Unfortunately for her, someone caught her. . .

Her legs bent as she let herself fall down onto the black tiles inside the shower cubicle. She was sat sideways with her left side of the temple against the wall underneath the shower. “I’m so sorry mum and dad, this is all my fault, you were right,” she hiccuped. “Why did I have to sneak out that night?”

The night of her sneaking out from her house came to her, taunting her and causing regret to bubble within her. The water ran down on her, stabbing her raw flesh like a punishment and she cried. She twisted around to rest her back under the running water and rested her arms on top, crossed.

Run away, she thought, her blubbering subsiding. Her hands reached up and grabbed a bar of soap from the small shelf above her head, and scrubbed. She wanted his scent off of her, his touch disappear and leave her forever. After about fifteen minutes of using a back scrubber all over her body, it was physically feeling raw from being painstakingly exfoliated, which she didn’t mind and rinsed herself with more water. As she pulled back the black curtain and stepped out, she realised she didn’t have the nerve to step out of the bathroom.

What if he comes back? she thought. The water droplets travelled over flesh and she shivered. What if he’s already there, waiting? She spotted two double doors at the far end of the bathroom to her right and opened them. There were over a dozen towels, all folded up neatly with other essentials for men. She quickly chose a cream one and wrapped it around her torso, welcoming the warmth.

I can’t stay in here forever, no matter how much I want to, she thought and clutched the end of the towel over her chest. The bottom ended just below her bottom. Her red hair now looked burgundy from the amount of moisture her hair held, dripping at the ends around her back and arms. Her eyes wide with trepidation when she forced her left hand to take hold of the door handle to turn it. She left it ajar, listening.


Breathing sigh of relief she let herself out and glared at the bedroom that belonged to her kidnapper. Where she was basically tricked, raped and ruined. No, I won’t let him make me feel like nothing anymore, she thought. This isn’t my fault – I didn’t want this. Did I? She almost slipped on the wooden floor and steadied herself. There were wet footsteps printed behind her.

Suddenly, there was a double knock. She stalled at once in the centre of the room. To her right was where the sound came from. “Dane?” she gasped.

“Miss?” someone asked from the other side. It belonged to a female.

Soraya’s heart soared. She could ask help from the female, she would understand. Her feet were already carrying her towards the black door with urgency and she yanked the door wide open. She saw a young girl, probably about fifteen years of age and holding a pile of clothes.

“Ah, the Alpha wanted me to give you these,” she said nervously. “My name’s Imogene.”

“T – Thanks, Imogene,” Soraya said and thankfully accepted the new clothes. “Can you help me –”

“He wants you to get ready for the Initiation,” Imogene cut in. She cleared her throat and added, “The Initiation is eight o’clock, which gives you exactly one hour. Be on time. He’ll get angry if you’re late.”

Soraya blinked down at the young girl, processing what was being said to her. “What Initiation?” she asked, baffled. “I’m not going anywhere!”

Imogene doe-like aqua eyes flashed. “Are you openly disobeying my Alpha, Miss. Soraya?” she asked.

Soraya’s face paled. She changed quick, she thought. “As a matter of fact, yes I am,” she replied in a shaky tone. “He can’t keep me here and d – do whatever the fuck he wants with me!”

Imogene sighed as if she was watching a kid argue. “Language, Miss.”

“I’m leaving,” Soraya said and walked past the young girl, only to have her arm twisting in pain. “Let me go, you can’t treat people like this!”

Imogene didn’t bat an eyelid as she held Soraya’s arm behind her back and threw her back inside of the bedroom. She watched Soraya fall to the ground hard. “I wanted to be nice but you humans are just asking for a smack,” she said and shook her head, her right hand on her hip.

Soraya hastily got up. “Just no better than him,” she pointed. “Do you know what he did to me? I don’t want to go through any of that again, hell; nobody deserves to go through any of that!”

“That’s none of my business,” Imogene said and seemed to go back to her original, good-girl state. She flashed her pearly whites. “Get changed and ready. I’m waiting outside.”

Suddenly there was a loud howl from somewhere downstairs from this mansion of a house. The sound was so haunting that Soraya jumped.

Imogene sniffed the air like a dog. "Something's wrong. Stay inside, lock your door and windows now!" she shouted and closed the door before she could be interrupted.

Soraya stayed in her spot and contemplated running after that bipolar little teen, but hen changed her mind. Turning around slowly with her heart thumping like a hammer, she looked around the room and headed straight for the window. "What?" she gasped, pressing her nose into the pane to get a good look.

There were wolves, hundreds of them running from the Forrest and towards the mansion. They pawed and scraped at the large metal gates easily and entered. They were of all shapes and sizes and colours. Their eyes freaked her out the most because even from this distance - at least a hundred metres - they demanded attention in the darkness, glowing.

In the near distance the biggest wolf halted and glared up into the night sky. It howled – a war cry. The sound itself created Goosebumps to flow up her arms and then to the back of her neck, where the hairs stood up. The wolves sped forward and passed their leader, looking ferocious, unstoppable.

“Oh, no,” she whispered, resting the palms of her hands alongside the glass. She gasped and flipped around to the left, away from view. It looked right at me, she thought, her heart trouncing inside of her. Calming herself down, she took a deep breath and inhaled in before bravely - and at a snail’s pace – she moved back to peep outside the window. The last of them had made a sort of wall around the front as watching dogs – or guardians – whilst the most of them had breached the walls of the mansion.

The howling-leader wolf was gone. She exhaled the breath that was being unintentionally held out and moved away again. “Thank Heavens, now I need to leave,” she sighed with her hands on her heart with the new clothes. Deciding that she should change already, she unfolded the garments and observed they weren’t normal every days clothes, this was a gown. But seeing as she had no choice didn’t complain.

She was about to quickly slip out of her towel and into the dress, when she jumped and her hands dropped everything. The howling next sounded from downstairs and echoed throughout the house, sending fearful waves of fear rolling upstairs, like a lion claiming territory. Only in this case, it’s a wild and deadly wolf.

Suddenly, she heard loud padding outside of her door. She froze in terror. Please don’t be it, please be it, please don’t be – her thought was interrupted when the door opened up with a deafening bang. A scream came from her as she watched a dark furry animal stand there on its paws, snarling.

“S – Stay away from me,” she said in a small voice and moved back. “P – Please.” She couldn’t take anymore of this weird, supernatural world. All of her life she’d believed Werewolves didn’t exist and today ... it’s all changed. Her back collided with the wall and she squeaked as the big black wolf sauntered inside, watchfully and calculatingly.

Soraya was unable to look away in awe and terror. Her face was pale, her eyes wide and her mouth partly open, her breath coming out in shallow puffs. She watched as it growled softly, nearing her, its breath fanning her face. It was a foot bigger than her head. “P – Please don’t hurt me,” she whispered and looked away, squeezing her eyes shut.

There was no movement from the other beast for a few seconds and even the heavy breathing was gone. That was until she heard a deep baritone voice say something in another language. Confused and curious she slowly opened her eyes and turned her head and struggle for breath. A pair of light blue eyes stared right back at her.

And that was when she fainted, right into the pair of strong arms that used to belong to a Werewolf. Dane had told her that he was the Alpha Werewolf of his pack but she’d never seen him turn, so this was a first time for her – it left her shaking and freezing as if she’d seen a UFO. Her eyesight caught the blue eyes blinking down at her as his lips moved. She closed her eyes and thought she felt a blanket come around her, but that could be her tricky imagination.

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Soraya’s red hair flew behind her as she felt her body hit the soft mattress heavily. She jerked her head to the right, making it move away from her sight and glowered at Dane. However, she only got a sadistic grin. “Don’t push me like that, Dane, I almost sprained my bloody neck!” she complained and attempted to sit up, only to be pushed down again.

Dane smirked down at her narrowed eyes, quivering lips and shaking body as he climbed over her. He took in everything and savoured it. “I like seeing you like this,” he whispered, almost as if it were to himself, and rested his hands on her either side of her head.

She frowned after noticing that he was now straddling her where her mid thighs were and leaning over her at her eye-level. She tried to move out of this little cage he had entrapped her in with his body. “You like seeing me scared to death of you?” she demanded and look fiercely at him.

He chuckled deep in his throat before he grabbed the back of her neck towards him. “It makes me feel good, so yeah,” he said in a velvety voice, tickling the skin of her left ear. His lips moved towards it and started nibbling gently. Feeling her squirm in protest, he pushed her into the mattress. “Don’t fight me,” he growled and nipped the skin on her scarred neck.

She fought urge to shiver, but to no avail. The shivers slithered into the back of her spine and spread throughout her body, leaving an eruption of butterflies in her stomach. She didn’t like what he was doing to her. Her physical feelings were betraying the state of her mental and emotional being. “I...” she gasped, and to her further disappointment, she moaned when he licked the mark.

“Don’t you feel better after giving in to me?” he asked smugly in between trailing kisses down her jaw. When he got to her neck his kisses grew urgent. He sucked and nipped the skin between his teeth.

Soraya tried to come back to reality, however, the mark on her neck was buzzing, like a washing machine, making her mind fall into a pit of dizziness. She felt his tough lap at her mark again and she arched her back into his body, moaning in pleasure.

Her reactions pleased Dane and he sighed in content as he crashed his lips to hers. His urgent kisses grew harder, more passionate and demanding when she didn’t open her mouth to deepen them. A growl emanated from deep within him when he felt her nails digging into his back.

She could hear a very small voice in the back of her mind calling out to her, telling her to stop what she was doing, telling her to make him stop. But she didn’t. The voice of reason was thrown out of her mind like a piece of used tissue paper. Something tingled inside her and made her body hot and bothered. Feeling his the muscles on his body ripple underneath her roaming palms, she pulled him closer.

Dane didn’t waste any more time and ripped open the front of her shirt, sending buttons soaring through the air like bullets, just like the bullets of pleasure that were bombarding him. He grounded his lower body against hers, earning a noise that was between a moan and a whimper. “Soraya,” he moaned, repeating his move again.

She felt her core throb in her heat, losing control even more and her hands moved on their own accord. They began pulled at his shirt, her eyes that were swimming in blind bliss pleading and urging him to take it off. She watched him do so and in a flourish of colours, so were her own trousers.

Everything was happening so fast. She was in a spell. On a path so dangerous that she forgot what she was letting him do to her. Already, he had won.

Or had he?

Dane took in the sight that lay beneath him; his sadistic and animalistic urges came out along with his canines. She flight of shock ad awe upon her face made him growl into the night, the room echoing slightly. Her hands could feel his chest rumble and she cowered away. Finally some part of the wall of desire within her cracked.

And there it was again, that little, very faint voice at the back of her mind. It called out for her to wake up out of this reverie, to break out from his unwanted embrace and protect herself.

He ripped out of her his jeans, his black briefs on show for her to glimpse before they too disappeared. “I can’t wait anymore,” he growled, moving down to kiss her again.

She watched him for a moment, panting and saw how big he was. Her eyes widened. “W – What the...?” she asked nobody in particular. She wasn’t a virgin, but she was scared he would hurt her.

The voice of reasoning came back, making her frown in confusion. Get away from him! It warned.

He moved his mouth near her entrance, bit the thin strap of her knickers with his teeth – earning a moan – and peeled it all the way down to her ankles.

She squeezed her legs close together. Her face turned into the colour of a beetroot and her breath quickened with anticipation, panic and dread. “Don’t,” she huffed, but silently wished for more.

Dane gently blew over her sex, earning a squeal and chuckled. He moved over to her eye-level and kissed her again, albeit violently and ruthlessly. His member poked her lower body and she rubbed himself in circles. “Beg me,” he ordered coldly into her mouth.

Her eyes widened suddenly and the reality crashed landed like a helicopter losing control. It crumbled the lust she had felt for him only moments ago. She was fighting for mental stability; what was she doing? It felt so good and yet so wrong. He licked her mark again, leaving the scar to tingle and sending another pang of pleasure down to her core. “Dane ... d – don’t,” she whined when he grounded into her again. To her embarrassment, she felt herself moisten.

“I said, beg me,” he ordered, and this time into her ear. “C’mon, I know you want me to.” He smiled into her eyes smugly, dancing in lust. His face lost the smile to some extent and grew predatory. “Say it.”

She shook her head and refused to obey his command. And yet her arms dug more into his back. “No,” she gasped, contradicting her actions.

“Your body is telling me something else,” he teased. His hands were busy undoing the clasp from behind her as he said this and she arched her back into his chest. Just when he thought he could take it no more, the phone rang loudly next to the bedside table. He ignored it and went in for the kill.

He entered her with one quick motion, strong and hard. Hearing a painful gasp from his Mate mercilessly. He wasn't being as gentle or considerate towards her anymore, in fact, it was turning him on because felt in control and he rejoiced. He wanted to make her his, and now she was.

She was feeling the forceful pain of him being inside of her and stretching her more than what she could take, it was too much. The raw thrusts he was giving her made her squirm under him, making him groan in pleasure in contrary.

“No,” she gasped. “It hurts t – to much!” She tried pushing him away but he was too strong. Her heart quickened, but this time in fear. “Please!” She watched him confusingly, as if in a haze, but was captured in a hard kiss, silencing her pleas. She felt him move over her, his hands cupping her breasts and kneading them, wanting her desperately. The spell of infatuation had pulled her back in.

He left her mouth and gently bit onto her left nipple, hardening them both in reaction. Listening to the phone ring again and again, his mouth claimed the bud into his mouth, in protest, wishing for the mechanism to willingly implode. But of course it did not.

She felt him move faster than before and felt the heat grow within her body. But something didn’t feel right now. This forceful behaviour of his was making the blissful feeling of the desires break and disintegrate finally. A cry of soreness mingled with her whining and panting. He’d pushed his entire length inside her now, making her back arch in a silent cries of objection. “You fucking bastard,” she said through tears. “I hate you.”

He groaned in pleasure as he continually pushed himself in and out of her body, feeling himself climax and pulled her to himself possessively. Soon, his body shook and quivered and he came into her. “You’re mine,” he growled wickedly, and his eyes flashed red. He licked the scarred Mark and breathed into her neck, resting. “I finally made you mine.”

She laughed a little. “I don’t think so.”

His body grew stiff and so did something else that was still inside of her. Feeling the second wave of pleasure overcome him, he circled his hips around and made her writhe against him. “Like I said before in the day, I love seeing you squirm,” he simpered, and grounded against her.

“I –” she panted, “will never forgive you ... for this.” She felt him pump fasted like a wild animal, taking her other nipple into his left hand fingers and pinching it. A gasp left her mouth against her will and the feeling of being entranced vanished. Reality stared back into her face like water being thrown over her, waking her up from her desires.

“Fuck forgiveness,” he panted, as he stared down into her squinted eyes. “Now, tell me you’re mine.”

“Never,” she gasped and felt him go roughly into her.

“Tell me you’re mine!” he growled, his canine teeth elongated threateningly.

“No,” she whispered, squeezing her eyes shut. Suddenly, she felt him stop moving. When she opened her tearing eyes, he was watching her with such coldness that she thought her body would freeze.

He suddenly got off of her, leaving on the bed, naked. “I’ll have your heart, too, one day.” His word of warning was full of possessiveness. “Just like I took your body tonight, Mate,” he added with a grin.

Her body didn’t move. She felt horrible. How easily I just gave in to my bodily desires, for him of all people, she thought numbly. What am I, an animal? Anger rose into her. No, he is the real animal. He claimed my body, made my see stars where there are none and ... made did these unwanted things to me. She cried silently and pulled the bed sheets over her violated body.

Dane sighed and moved towards again. “Soraya, babe, don’t be like that,” he coaxed in a calm voice. “Even though I admit that I love to see you cry...” And with that, he turned around to grab a fresh towel from the closet before disappearing behind a white door. It didn’t long for the sound of a showering being turned on.

Soraya felt numb and was quiet. Although her thoughts kept coming in and in, making her feeling worse, dirtier and used. It felt like only five minutes until she saw her culprit walk back out. She sent him a look of utmost loathing and sat up, clutched the sheets to herself silently and looked down. A frown featured her faced; there was no way she could feel the same again, be the same again. “You raped me,” she said quietly.

His blonde hair was a good two shades darker, dripping with water as was his lower body. A white towel wrapped around his hips. “Don’t fucking play games with me, Soraya, you wanted it as much as I wanted you,” he argued coolly. “You’re my Mate; I have the right to touch you.”

“B – But, this thing, this Mark?” she asked confused. “When you lick it ... I feel things. And I don’t want to! It’s like I can’t control it! What did you do to me?!” Her hands were balled up into fists against her rising chest and her tears running down her face.

He sauntered over to the side of the bed, sat down and turned her to face him. “It’s a sign that you’re mine,” he explained. “It links you to me, my body. Whenever –” He paused to lick it again, firmly and slowly, watching her knowingly.

She struggled to breathe evenly and drew in a shaky breath, feeling as if his tongue itself were stroking her sex. In response to her betraying feelings, she clenched her inner thighs to stop this new wave of sexual pleasure.

“–I touch it–” he continued without looking away and licked again, harder this time.

This time it felt as if an invisible finger probed her clitoris and she threw back her hand. “S – Stop...” she begged weakly. She scrunched up the sheets between her hands with such force that her knuckles turned white.

He licked again. “–Your pleasure–” And then again, and he knew it was driving her wild. Soon, the sheets fell away from her heaving breasts; the nipples hardened when they met the cool air. He watched her whine subconsciously felt him harden.

“Oh God!” she whined.

So he licked her Mark again, this time bitten it gently. He licked one last time and saw her shake and then slump with a final gasp. “Intensifies to maximum pleasure,” he finished whispering into her ear and nipped it.
Small sobs echoed throughout the magnificent living room with the heavy rain outside. It was late in the evening now – she didn’t bother with turning on the light. The large windows behind her flashed her small, silhouetted frame on erratically on the ground with thunderous claps. The rain intensified as did the sobs coming out of her mouth. The room was uninviting, cold and overbearing.

Soon this new, aching feeling started to grow inside her chest and she clutched her hands to it. It filled with isolation, hurt and despair, but more than anything it was grief. It was like a wound, or a fungus, growing inside her and making her realise how alone she really was now in the world.

Since her parents had been dead over a year ago, she had been with the man she was in love with and yet, he didn’t even know it – hadn’t known it. Before she could get the chance Dane had murdered him. This was what hurt her; she wasn’t able to confess her feelings to him. And now ... it was too late.

Ryan’s dead ... forever ... and he won’t come back... Soraya thought. I will never get to tell him how I felt ... oh, Evan ... why did you have to die? Why did Dane have to murder you? Why...

When Dane had bitten her and marked her, she had almost given into her desires that she’d felt at that moment, she had almost given into the darkness that enveloped him, she almost gave into HIM. And this pushed her more into the feelings she so wanted to run away from.

“I almost gave in to him completely,” she gasped through her cries, her throat now raspy and tired. Her body felt dehydrated, her body needed sustenance and nutrition. However her desperate thoughts were substituting this was a darker, unforgivable need. Self harm.

“No, I – I can’t...” she whispered, and yet she was rushing across the room. She grabbed a glass vase from the shelf, spilt out the water and flowers with a flourish and brought the glossy item to eye-level. Her breathing was shallow. The rain and thunder were flashing through the glass from where she was looking, but what she was really focusing on ... was the material in her hands.

She could break it. So she did by throwing it against the wall. A loud shattering noise erupted followed by tinkling sounds as they fell onto the floor. It was almost poetic in a dark, twisted way. She nearly giggled from the slight hysteria bubbling up in relief. She watched the jagged pieces of glass glinting whenever it thundered.

Suddenly she felt as if she was in a movie, or a surreal dream as she bent down onto her knees and felt some of the shards slicing into her. She felt them only by a hair's breadth because she wanted to feel something more, deeper.

At last, she picked up the largest, most jagged piece of a curved glass. It was slightly larger than her own palm, as she examined the beautiful piece of freedom – in her mind. She sniffled and wiped eyes with the back of her free hand and stood up. Her knees were stinging now, like when one would dab a pinch of cinnamon to your wet lips, but she didn’t mind at all.

She could free herself from this monster in her life, Dane. He ruined her by taking away the love of her life – albeit, it was a one-sided love, but still, it hurt that he’d diminished her chance to confess to Ryan. He was gone and never coming back, all because of Dane’s insecurity, jealousy and envy.

This feeling was getting too hard to shake off. She needed to do something about it; she had to alleviate herself from it and feel ... anyway but this! She needed to fill in her emotional and mental pain with physical pain, and forget. Forget it all, even more a moment before it began hurting again.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath to steady her heartbeat, but to no avail. It only increased and she could hear the drumming in her ears, which only numbed her rationality. When she opened her eyes, she recoiled and tightened her dripped on the dangerous weapon in her hand. “Dane?” she asked meekly. [i]How come didn’t I hear the door open?[/i] she thought numbly.

He was livid. His eyes flashed dangerously as he ripped the broken glass from her hand and threw across the room. A small crash sounded in the distance. His gaze never wavered from her narrowed, watery ones, and he grabbed her left arm forcefully. “What do you think you’re doing?” he demanded, in a low growl.

Soraya snapped and mouth twitched grimly. “You made me do this,” she retorted weakly and hit his chest repeatedly. “You did this to me! You did this to me...!” And then, just when she thought she saw something odd flicker in his eyes, everything began to darken and slip away. Her body went limp and fell into unconsciousness.

She was dreaming that she was on a swing, a very, very long swinging that stretched up in to the clouds in the sky. The smile on her beautiful, vibrant and happy face was full of warmth and happiness. Ryan was standing behind her and pushing her on the swing.

She looked around herself – she was in a vibrantly coloured meadow and loved it here. The grass was a deep green that shimmered under the sun; the sky was a calm sky blue with candyfloss like clouds, fluffy and pretty. But when she looked back down to see a dark figure about ten metres away from them.

A startled silent cry stuck in her throat as she turned back to warn Ryan over her shoulder. She frowned in worry as she neared him, her swing floating back down and when he was supposed to push again. But there was no push. The pace of the swing slowed down as she looked back in front at the strong figure gliding towards her and Ryan.

Suddenly she was standing before Ryan. His mouth was moving but she couldn’t hear anything. His hands that held hers began to feel colder and colder until she had to let them go. And that’s when the dark figure loomed behind Ryan’s back. It was as if he knew something she didn’t.

What was he trying to tell her? She asked him that exact same question but her voice came out in muffles, as if an invisible hand was clamped over her lips. Ryan wore a sad smile as he fell and disappeared into nothingness.

The dark figure now beside her and watched her silently eerily before taking her hand. She was screaming – or trying because her voice was still silent – and felt fear spread through her body like a match is lit in order to start a fire. She started to run but a large hand grabbed her ankle, which felt like rough tree bark digging into soft skin, and she fell down. It began to pull her back and she screamed while trying to grab onto anything...

She awoke with a sweaty body, her clothes sticking to the back of her frame and her heart hammering inside her around chest like a gong. Her hands were clutching onto the bed sheets. She looked around at her surroundings, scared like a rabbit and realised where she could be.

“You’re awake,” said a quiet voice near her right side. It was Dane.

She shrieked like a banshee, nearly jumping out of her a skin, and watched the nearly dark bedroom carefully. When her eye-sight adjusted to the dark room she could finally make out the shapes. The room appeared to be massive, very large and useless for only one person, and in this case, it would be Dane.

“You’re in my bedroom, you’re safe,” he said in a low, cross tone.

Safe? she thought mockingly. Suddenly, everything came flooding back like a landslide. I almost committed suicide... Disappointment enveloped her. She pulled the duvet up to her chin, watching her culprit’s silhouette looking away.

“Why did you let me live?” she croaked, even though she was slightly glad.

“Why do want to die?” he asked instead, and made a small rustle as he leant forward by resting his arms on his knees. He seemed genuinely seemed intrigued.

“You’re asking me, ‘why?’ Are you serious?” she cried, and sniffled and wiped away her wet eyes.

“You’re such a stupid girl,” he chuckled darkly. “You really think I’d let you die because of [i]him[/i].” She knew to whom he was referring to and she grew defensive. “He deserved death. You deserve life because you’re meant to live the rest of your life with me. It’s the order of life. You’re my Mate.”

“Fuck you, you crazy bastard!” she yelled, frustrated and put her head in her hands. “Fuck the order of life. I don’t accept you! I reject –” All of a sudden her mouth was covered with a calloused one. Dane narrowed his eyes at her. “Gerroff!” she growled from behind it.

“I don’t accept your disapproval of me,” he said, his eyes dancing in contrast to his set jaw and grim mouth. “You will learn to like me, even love me, but your head is too wrapped up in the love you had for that lowlife of a Werewolf. Did you know he belonged to my rival pack?” He laughed as if he couldn’t believe it.

She ripped her head away forcefully. “That’s why you killed him, because he was from your rival’s pack?” she asked.

“And because he had the audacity to fall in love with you.”

It was as if she had been slapped in the face. “...What?” she whispered. So I wasn’t alone ... he loved me? He loved. HE LOVED ME. She didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh.

Dane made a face that was in between a smirk and a snarl. “He confessed, moments before I ripped his throat. That piece of shit was in love with you!” he said, scrambled away and started pacing. “He was the obstacle. I got rid. End of. Now the sooner you realise that we’re Mates, the better for you.”

“He loved me,” she said. She wasn’t even listening to him anymore. “Oh, Ryan...”

This angered him. “Why do you always ignore me over him – he’s dead. DEAD. Nothing will bring him back, y’hear me?” he said.

She smiled up at him with eyes bittersweet. “My love was true – is true ... yours is fake. Unreal. It’s by force ... and you’ll never have me,” she said, her voice growing strong at the end. She stood up onto her feet and looked down at him. “You will never make me love you,” she said firmly, staring into his narrowed eyes.

Dane growled and pushed her onto the bed. “We will see about that,” he threatened, liking the flash of fear in her eyes.


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Well, hi there! :juggle:

Stuff That You Might Like To Know: :sherlock:

:bulletblack: I love to type! I could write stories all day, but since there's not much time ... :shrug: :typerhappy:

:bulletwhite: I love Kulfi Ice-cream (google it if you don't know) and Vanilla ice-cream. And no offense to all the mint+choc-chip ice-cream lovers out there, but I really do not like it.

:bulletyellow: Emoticons are my heart. They pump in my blood! :happycry:

:bulletorange: Hates backstabers. Then again, who doesn't? :disbelief:

:bulletpink: I love to paint :painter: write! :work: I also LOVE to read! :reading:

:bulletgreen: I'm writing a Novel here. :happycry: Tis named Alluring Masquerade. Very masquerade-y, eh? :meow:

:bulletblue: I think this one is so cute >>> :nana:

:bulletred: And pray a lot. :pray:

:bulletpurple: I secretly want to learn how to: :juggle: God knows why. :confused:

:bulletred: I like eating french toast, but not with sugar,:no: I add a little bit of salt instead.:nod:

:bulletpink: Lilt and Cola are my :+fav: fizzy-pops.

...Oooh, :devart: shiny...


Favourite genre of music: All Kinds....
Favourite style of art: Guess It Depends On What I Design/Draw/Create/Write, etc.
Operating System: Windows XP Professional.
MP3 player of choice: As Long As Music Can Be Played That's All That Matters. XD
Wallpaper of choice: Soft yet intricate.
Skin of choice: Nothing Bright.
Favourite cartoon character: Homer Simpson.
Personal Quote: Secret to success are your mother's blessings.
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Hello! :wave: How is everybody?

I wondered if anyone could please help me on naming my new story?

Please? :blowkiss: Here is the summery;

[i] Sequel for [b]"Alluring Masquerade"[/b] (STORY COVER COMING SOON)

A month has gone by since Kael and Hira made their relationship official and had an engagement party to celebrate with the whole world. Her family and his family were getting along just fine, which made the couple so glad that everything was going so well.

Suddenly, Hira decides to take up a student loan and take professional cookery classes this year while working part-time. Eventually, her dream was to open up a pleasant and comfy bakery shop. It would be perfect. Hence, she joined college.

She made new friends and a new life was being unfolded in front of her. Unknowingly, she started spending more and more time within this new group of friends, which makes Kael feel left out and betrayed. The feeling of losing her gets the better of him one day.

Are these new turn of events is for the best? Who is this new guy that's trying to walk into their relationship? And a surprise visit from an old enemy brings her whole world toppling down.[/i]

I won't be posting this up until I have finished posting up the rest of my "Alluring Masquerade" story, which will be the prequel to the new story.

Well, thank you for reading. :) I am so sorry for being away for months on end. but I am back now for good. Yes! Hoepfully, I will post up some new derivations. Yay! So watch out for those.

Take care!


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